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Getting started

On initial log in you will be prompted to complete the 'Wizard'. This guides you through setting up your profile, setting up Classes and Issue settings. This will enable the platform to give you the full benefit of tracking your Book Club orders by class and child. Follow the steps presented and select 'I've completed this step' when done.

For resources to help you run Book Club, please click here

Why do I need to follow the Setup Wizard?

To ensure ease of ordering, it's important you set up your profile and class/es from the beginning as per the 'Wizard'. Taking the time to do this now, will make future ordering, and ongoing distribution and delivery of books easier for you.

 What if I don't want to set these up and just want to order?

You will not be able to place an order unless your Profile and Class/es have been set up.

Profile Settings

Profile settings allow self-management of the options for your account. It is important to ensure that your School, Club and Contact roles are set correctly to enable the right options for you. For example, setting up as a Book Club Organiser for a whole year in a school or an entire school enables the addition of multiple accounts and classes. Selecting 'I only order for my own class' will not allow the addition of other class/es.

Organisational Roles

When becoming the Book Club Organiser for a teacher's class, please select the Teacher in the Class section using the Teacher search Wizard or start typing the teacher's name; add all the Class details, and then choose Add. A message will appear stating that an email will be sent to that teacher advising them that you have taken on the role of Book Club Organiser for them. To complete, agree with that action and the email will go to the account of that teacher, and will set their Club role to "Someone else organises club for me".

Should the teacher wish to take Book Club organisation back, they must log into their club account and select the role of "I organise Book Club for my own class".

Adding Classes

To add a class, select Classesm select a teacher by clicking the search icon beside Teacher or typing the teachers' name, and select the Year Level and enter the number of Students. Adding Classes allows a Book Club Organiser to then enter Book Club Orders by Class without the need to log in and log out as different users.

Adding Students

Students are added when ordering. Select the Add Student button on the right side of the Order panel, enter the name and gender and submit. The child's name will appear under the Class selected, ready for adding their order. This Student information stays with the class selected for all future orders until changed, so will be available for the next issue order.

Why do I need to provide student names and class details?

A student name and class information will only be used to facilitate a child's book order delivery and make distribution within the school a much easier task. Rest assured, children will not be marketed to or contacted in any way by Scholastic.


  1. Select the relevant Issue from which you'd like to order.

  2. Add the Class.

  3. Add a student.

  4. Enter the book reference number from the Book Club catalogue (note that all data is automatically saved, there is no need to press Submit to keep the data).

  5. Enter the payment information.

  6. When finished, add or select the next student.

  7. When one Class is complete, select the next Class and repeat Steps 1 to 5.  If you need to leave mid-order, select Exit Order. When you're ready to resume, go to  Open Orders to recommence.

  8. At the end of the entire order select Submit.

  9. Reconciliations (your order summary) will appear by Title, Club, Class and Student.

  10. Select Submit. Payment information will now be presented. Add any additional Scholastic Rewards or Vouchers as payments here.

  11. Select Invoice to be invoiced, or Credit Payment to pay by credit card.

  12. Your order is now complete.


Payment details are available on the Order entry form when entering by student. This allows you to collate payments as you go, and is passed through to the payments screen. It is not mandatory, but assists in order tracking. A reconciliation report, to automatically highlight variance, is being developed.

Distribution reports

Distribution reports are available (under Reporting in the Order section) after a Book Club Order has been submitted. Reports can be allocated by Class, Teacher or Student, and an individual student level can be viewed as well. This can be exported to Excel, PDF or Word format and is a useful tool to assist with distribution of books when they arrive by class.

Issue settings

Please nominate the Issues you wish to participate in by ticking the Issue in the Classes section under the Issues tab.

Late orders

Orders can be submitted up until the Issue disappears from the Order screen. If the Issue does not appear, then that Issue is not available for the student to order.


Each Book Club order earns Scholastic Rewards on the net amount ordered at a rate of 15%. These Scholastic Rewards are applied after the submission of the Book Cub order. Scholastic Rewards for the order will appear on your Order Confirmation, and in your account 24 hours later. Scholastic Rewards expire 12 months after their date of issue.

Using Scholastic Rewards

Scholastic Rewards are able to be used on any order and are presented as part of the Payment options upon submitting the order. Scholastic Rewards can also be used on Teacher Essentials and School essentials in the same method.


Invoices will be sent to your school, with picking slips arriving by class. It is essential to set up classes so that each order arrives in class order.